Greetings! Hope you all had a Merry Christmas! Our holiday house guests have headed back home and things have settled down here again. Time to break out the snow shoes and skis and hit the trails to enjoy some of this snow that finally arrived. Our Alaskan Malamute, “Sitka”, thinks it’s great fun to run full speed and jump over the snow banks and dig tunnels in them. We have had some cold nights in the past week and as I look out the window here at home, I’ve noticed deer are starting to cross the pond. A good indicator the lakes should be starting to make some decent ice. Sport Show season will be starting in January and run through April.  Stop in to one of our sponsor booths (Lund, Rapala, Daiwa, St Croix) and say “HI” if you are at one of the shows. We’ll be updating our 2016 activity page soon, so please check back for the schedule of events and upcoming articles and TV shows.

So being this is a New Year’s post – I’ll share a little about New Year’s Resolutions at our house…we don’t make any. Instead, my wife and I each pick one word to live by or strive towards for the year. The word we each choose has a personal meaning to each of us and then serves as a reminder throughout the year. So on New Year’s Eve, we each reveal our selected “Word of the Year” and put it on a post-it note on the computer, refrigerator or wherever there’s a convenient place for a moment to do an occasional ‘check-in’ on progress. Given the poor statistics of resolutions being broken, we have found that our one simple “word” is more productive in helping us reach our new year’s goals. What will YOUR word be for 2016?

We wish you safe travels, good health and a very Happy New Year!