Last time I wrote, there was snow on the ground and I was daydreaming of the long beautiful summer days, birds singing, flowers blooming and fish tugging on my line. Well those days are finally here! Summer is in full swing and Billy and I have observed some pretty cool events in nature that come with living here. The temperature was 90 degrees one weekend in May and the following weekend on fishing opener, it was snowing! (A reminder to pack clothes for extreme temperature swings if you are planning a trip to this area.) Eagles are flying, grouse are drumming and the loons are calling. We’ve seen 7 new Canada goslings swimming & strolling around by the pond now and a pair of nesting wood ducks have taken up residence in a dead tree we watch from the living room.

Wood Duck Pair in tree

Wood Duck Pair In Tree

My friendly little chipmunk, fondly called “Peanut”, is also back to take treats from my hand and several rabbits have been munching on my newly planted flowers.

"Peanut" enjoying her namesake

“Peanut” enjoying her namesake

A resident bear was in for a visit, but didn’t find any bird seed, so went along his way and a cow moose was wandering through our property last week, but unfortunately I had no camera. Yesterday as I was sitting on the deck, a big healthy looking doe quietly strolled in for a snack at the feeder by the pond. Being that she was on very high alert and returned the same way she came, she probably had a fawn hidden nearby.

Late May and early June have kicked guiding season into full swing! We’ve been reunited with some old friends & co-harts from different parts of the country that we’ve worked with or met in our past travels. It’s been very fun to visit and catch up with them. There’s a re-kindling of friendship bonds when spending time fishing and gathering around a camp fire to share a great meal and stories. Times like these are why we love this business! We’ve also met many new friends along the way and look forward to future visits with them as well.

Shore Lunch

Shore Lunch

Later this month, Billy will be heading to Leech Lake to participate as an instructor at the “Lund Ultimate Fishing Camp”. He’s also been busy with the AnglingBuzzTV field reports for Lake Vermilion area. We film them weekly for the show which airs on Fox Sports North Network. You can catch these episodes and weekly fishing updates on

We hope you make time this summer to “unplug” and enjoy some time doing whatever it is you love to do!